U.S. Auto Sales
369-1 Sunabe, Chatan
Okinawa, Japan

Phone: 926-1089
Cell: 090-8291-7676
Fax: 926-1089
Email: usauto1994@gmail.com

Since 1994

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Special Orders

If you cannot find the desired vehicle on the lot or on Okinawa or you want to beat Over Priced local dealers, U.S Auto Sales is ready to provide the help you need.

    Give us at least two weeks and set up your:
  1. Price
  2. Vehicle type, year
  3. Milege (kilometers)
  4. Colors (at least two)
  5. Other features (sunroof, leather interior etc.)

We require minimum 10% down payment upon signed contract. Finance is also available depending on the rotation date. For more details contact us by a phone or e mail at usauto1994@gmail.com.

U.S. Auto Sales offers a full line of post sales services, from car stereo installations, annual car maintenance, or just updating you annual auto insurance. You will find that U.S. Auto Sales is here for you. Ask a sales representative for more information and what U.S. Auto Sales can do for you.

Once a U.S. Auto Sales customer, we will help you during your whole time on Okinawa. Whatever you need, as small as checking your fluids once a month or renewing your Japanese inspeciton. You can count on U.S. Auto Sales to be there for you.